Sunday, January 9, 2011

Red Rain

Waiting. I must have stooped there on that fire escape for hours before he entered the Song of Hellfire. The night air was wet from the winter rain falling. It was odd how I no longer felt the cold. Rather more was, how I welcomed it.
The girl smelt of weed mixed with the other poisons she put in her body, covered haphazardly by a bouquet of perfume. She moved inside the cage like a flame against the wind. Her body clad in as little as possible. An advertisement for all to see. "Who will take me home?"
He watched her with a predator look in his eyes. His lusts were making him whole. A dark decay that could be brightened by a swim in the carnal pool of lust. He was reading the writing on the wall as he approached her. He knew how to approach such a bold statement that was youth.
His hand reached out and held the railing of the cage, slowing its movement. Stopping hers.
"A caged beast within the confines of dance. Does the music not soothe the savage anymore?" His lips parted in a half grin as he spoke.
Her attention was on him like that of a child with a doll. His face was of purest porcelain, the flush in his cheeks as if a painters brush had placed it there. He wasn’t like the others in the club. He kept his hair neat, cut at a middle length with no dye killing its luster. She wanted to touch this toy to see if were real.
"Music is my only escape now. In this cage I am free to breath," she replied, her eyes still dulled in the gaze of him.
His hand stretched out to her, palm open and out flat. A beckon for her without words. Her own hands reached for the cage door and opened it, placing herself in front of him. She couldn’t have been a month over 16 he thought. Another child with the means to lie her way into a place such as this.
Her face turned to reflect an innocence immersed in lust as she looked up to him. His own scent now billowing over her. Or rather, the lack of scent.
"I can offer you as escape that needs no restraint. One that is yours to receive. All you need do. Is ask."
The music still blaring around them, stirring the masses in rhythmic waves. Here though, there was no sound. Only his eyes upon her could have possibly made a sound.
Then the silence broke when her eye shed a single tear. He could hear tears. Hers called to him in no other way but asking for salvation. His arm fell about her shoulder as he led her out the way he came. Away from the sound Song of Hellfire. And into Hell
The fire escaped creaked as I watch him return from the club. A new friend in his company. The demon sought to add another consort to his harem. Not this night he wouldn’t. Nor any night after this.
He led her down the street, away from the lines of people waiting to enter the Song. No matter to him though, they would dismiss their ever seeing him, or her, after this night was through. A calm alleyway gave passage to them as they descended into the shadows of the street.
A single red light bulb provided illumination. The misting rain drowning its attempt to allow sight. Red rain. His hand encircled hers as he opened the door that stood near the light. Holding it opened he spoke no word as she entered.
No longer did I wait as I fell upon him from the sky. My body crashed into his, throwing us both into the pavement of the alley. My bones ached as I knew I had broken a few. No matter. He would die as I healed. My hand reached inside my coat to pull forth my instrument of pain. Tonight it would sing most beautifully.
Homicide crawled over the scene they had decorated in yellow tape. The flash of a camera bouncing off the still wet street. Reporters arguing with patrolmen for access to the scene.
"What do you make of it captain? Another chalked up for our mystery man?" The obese cop questioned the one he stood near.
"All I know it that who ever he is, we aren’t finding him."
The coroners laid the sacks within the body bag. The first people on the scene had already covered the body of a Jane Doe. Her bloodless body on its way to the city morgue for identification. Another foot tag to be collected.
The captain looked at the alley wall and shook his head. Once again whomever was responsible had left his calling card. Graffiti was one thing, but this was something that made the captain shake every time he read it.
"If I had a hammer"

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