Sunday, January 9, 2011


The door splintered at the second hit of the barricade bar. The team tossed it aside and in a matter of one minute, all thirty had entered the house. Boards and other barricades blocking the windows were quickly torn away, the sun’s rays filtering in for probably the first time in years.
"I’ve got movement Lieutenant!"
A section of the team quickly dispatched towards the one who had called out. Another door busted down and they were in. The smell would have pushed most away, but this group had seen it all before and was destined to see it again.
The floor was strewn with the decaying corpses of an unlucky couple. Rats had come to devour what little was left. One had been fortunate enough to feast on the tenderness of an eyeball. It’s blue iris glazed over from shock was being torn asunder by the rodents teeth and claws.
Every room in the on the first floor was given the cleansing of sunlight, the debris now heaped towards the center of the house.
The door to the basement was all that stood in the way of this team. How easily it creaked when they forced it open and swarmed down the steps. Their shoulder lights kicked on, the bright halogen forced white beams into the darkness.
Gunfire erupted as something crossed in front of one of the lights. The creature now lay almost completely separate of it’s legs. He snarled and lashed at the team though it was only a last attempt in scaring them. He knew it was too late when one came closer and pulled a long thin pike from his gear on his back and drove it through the creatures chest, impaling him fully through the heart and into the basement floor.
"One down, Sir"
The basement was systematically scoured by the team, each creature they found was either killed or rendered immobile by staking. Five in all had met their enemy at their weakest moment.
"Let’s get out of here, time to finish and burn it down," the lieutenant called out.
Fire consumed the house, the creatures along with the corpses were reduced to ash. The fire dept. had taken it’s own sweet time in getting there to put out the remaining flames.
The lieutenant picked up a cell phone and dialed 7. "Let the Viscontis know objective is swept and cleared."

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