Friday, April 27, 2012

No Good Deed

In July 2009, my wife and I lost a very dear friend. He left behind a wife and three children with no life insurance. At that point his body would remain in cold storage until funds were available to give him a proper burial. My wife, wanting to do an amazing good deed, asked me if we could trust the widow and his friends to make good on repayment (as they clearly stated they woud) if she loaned the money to put our friend to rest. In what I now know as foolishness, I said that we could trust them.

It took a great deal of coaxing to get the repayment of the loan started. When my wife did receive payments they varied in amount and were sporadic. Last October (two years and three months after the loan was given) the widow stated she was no longer going to pay and that any further contact on our part would be met with the widow filing harassment charges. 

We appealed to her sisters and friends to help her fix the problem. But that effort was to no avail. At that point it was necessary to take her to small claims court in an attempt to recover the losses of that loan.

In February, we sat before a judge in small claims and left after being told to come back on a new date with copies of all payments she had made. Yesterday that day came and we went in fully prepared with documentation and qualified legal advice for several lawyers. Upon getting a different judge, he made the ruling for less than half the amount owed and refused to even look at our evidence. To appeal his decision is a higher gamble than the initial cost of filing and would result in more lost time at work for the both of us.

My foolishness has cost her much more than money. She already suffers from Endometriosis and has had three major surgeries to counter it in the past four years. After her latest surgery in the Fall of last year, her doctor told her she had about a two year window in which she might be able to conceive a child. This is something she wants more than anything as she was adopted and has no blood relatives. She wants to be able to look in her child’s face and see her own. 

After the ruling yesterday I saw a great person crumble and it’s my fault. I’m swallowing all of my pride in asking for help to make up the difference of the ruling and the remainder that is still costing her interest every month. Please help me. 

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